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Plexiglas leaf extrusive (1mm-25mm). Block
  • Plexiglas leaf extrusive (1mm-25mm). Block
  • Plexiglas leaf extrusive (1mm-25mm). Block
  • Plexiglas leaf extrusive (1mm-25mm). Block
  • Plexiglas leaf extrusive (1mm-25mm). Block

Plexiglas leaf extrusive (1mm-25mm). Block

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Plexiglas (acryle) - solid, transparent, thermoplastic material. The most popular of plastics!

It is easy in processing - cutting, drilling, pasting, it can bend and form, polish and mill, to be painted and engraved. It is twice easier, than usual glass, and has big shock durability by eleven times. Represents transparent glossy sheets from 1 thick do25 mm which can be both transparent, and light-scattering. The material combining the highest transparency (as usual glass), ease in processing and huge color scale, offers infinite opportunities for registration of offices and shops, creation of home decoration and furniture, window dressing and displays, to production of difficult figured products, up to brelok and price tags …

Sheets of plexiglas receive from granules in two ways: molding and extrusive.

Extrusive plexiglas possesses lower viscosity at the increased temperature therefore it more rastyazhimo, than molding. Thereof at vacuum molding extrusive plexiglas allows to reproduce a form more precisely. Molding plexiglas possesses glossier surface and optical purity, than extrusive.

Plexiglas has a set of names: PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), acryle, an acrylic leaf, plexiglas, organic glass, extrusive (extruded) plexiglas, cast (molding) plexiglas, SAN (stiroloakrilonitrit).

The Interplast Groups company offers extruded and cast sheets of acryle TM "Plexiglas" (Germany), the extruded sheets TM "Akrylon" (Slovakia)

Also we bring to your attention:

- Also blow acrylic cores (transparent, a wide choice of diameters, dl.2000mm і 4000 mm. TM Plexiglas)

- Acrylic plates (tolshch.ot 30 mm to 500 mm)

Sending across Ukraine carriers convenient to you ("SAT", "New Mail", "Ying Time", "DELIVERY" and other.)

Information is up-to-date: 22.07.2021

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