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Interplast Grupp, OOO

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Interplast Grupp, OOO

LLC Interplast Group - a distribyutor of expendables for different spheres of the industry: automobile, aviation, food, chemical, ship-building, processing, etc., and also for power, transport, communication, construction, architecture, design and the advertizing industry.
Plastic, plastics and polymers of different forms and the sizes are offered your attention (plates, sheets, plates, blocks, cores, disks, pipes, granules and films):

- plexiglas (sheets, plates, cores, pipes, glue for plexiglas and all plastics)

electroinsulating, constructional and rubber material: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide (kaprolon) polystyrene, polycarbonate, plastic compound (ABS, PA, PVH, the personal computer, software, PS, PE, PET), ftoroplast, FUM, textolite, steklotekstolit, ebonite, viniplast, getinaks, a tape kiperny, a technical plate and a paronite.

- A granule of ABS, PA-6, PVH, the personal computer, software, PS, PE, PET + dyes to them.
Sending across Ukraine firms carriers convenient to you ("SAT", "New mail", "Avtolyuks", "The night express", "Ying Time", and "DELIVERY").


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